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In the ancient city of Attica Acratopotes was hailed as a demigod and drinking brother of Dionysos, the god of wine, grape-harvest and ecstatic madness. 

Now it seems that the doughty drunkard is gone. No one knows if knows if evil killed him, if excess was the culprit or if his friend tore him asunder in a fit of divine insanity. It seems that everyone has an idea though. His liver has surfaced on the Astral Plane, the graveyard of gods. It has attracted a motley assembly of religious oddballs, the culinarily adventurous, and those who grasp for anything to get a better lot in life.

Install instructions

Re quires a copy of Troika! for full use.


The Liver of Acratopotes(1).pdf 315 kB

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